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Women in Pakistan are disadvantaged from the moment they are born. The birth of a girl is frequently met with disappointment, even anger, and the blame is usually placed on the mother. As a rule, the girl child receives less food, less access to education and less health care. As a result girls are more likely to die of childhood diseases. There are only 91 females to every 100 males in Pakistan, according to 1991 estimates.

Domestic violence against women is widespread and rarely brought to public notice or punished unless the woman dies or suffers gruesome injuries.

Blue Phoenix is a projected founded by Hikmat Shah an asylum seeker from Pakistan, for the benefit of disadvantaged women from Northern Pakistan.

The essence of Blue Phoenix is building on the foundational belief that sustainable growth; whether economic, social or personal, cannot take root in a gender disparate society. To deal with social issues such as poverty, gender disparity, or the general lack of social well-being. Blue Phoneix project believes that it must allow all members of society to feel equally invested in the betterment of their community. If women are not allowed to enjoy the same ownership over society as men, no change can take place.

Pakistan is rich in Art and Crafts, excavations dating back 3500 BC and other historical buildings and monuments provide an endless source of designs for handicrafts which reflect the culture and traditions of the people of various regions of Pakistan.

Handicrafts from Pakistan

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