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Hikmat SHAH (Mathematics Specialist)

Greetings students and parents,

I am an experienced maths tutor in all levels. I have been tutoring

students from year 5-12 in Mathematics for about 22 years. I am an enthusiastic person, and I enjoy tutoring so much for the reward of helping the students

Are you after a guaranteed tuition which can provide you with a guarantee of improving your rank in class? Then look no further. Hi everyone, my name is Hikmat SHAH. I am a qualified and experienced Mathematics teacher. I hold double Master degrees one in Education and the other in Business Administration with mathematics as my major. When tutoring, I make sure that all of the requirements of the syllabus are met and you are prepared to apply your learning in any test or application. I also make sure that each lesson has been prepared for each individual student taking into account their previous knowledge and abilities.

My lessons are typically structured as:

+ Go over the problems step-by-step

+ Clearly explain the theory/materials that the student finds them difficult to understand

+ Assigning homework at the end of the lesson

+ Go over the homework and provide feedback (address the mistakes and how to correct and avoid them) at the beginning of the next lesson

+ Work on more difficult problems after the student becomes more confident with the materials

+ Provide free worksheets to assist the student to learn

+ Provide typical exam questions with solutions

+ Provide Free online help via msn message or email if the student wishes to

+ Answering all of your questions

+Clarifying all concepts which are not clear

+A lesson tailored to your needs

+All work sheets to help you reinforce the concept

+Preparation for your tests

+Working through common mistakes by other students

+Past papers and papers from different schools

There are a range of plans to suit any budget and requirement. For more information and/or arrangement of meeting, please contact me via my mobile for more details. It is welcome to ring me at anytime (or just send me a message).